Why dost thou pain me day and night?
This aching pain, so sore and strong,
Makes me moan and suffer long.

Oh dentist, thou art my friend,
With skill and care, thou dost attend.
Thy gentle hands, so wise and kind,
Shall make these aches, of mine, unwind.

Thou bringeth forth thy shining tools,
With care, thou cleaneth out these mools.
And filleth gaps with shining white,
So bright and strong, they’ll last all night.

Oh dental care, thou art a treasure,
That dost bring pleasure, beyond measure.
My smile, once hid, now shines with pride,
And I, am free of aches inside.

So here’s to thee, my trusty friend,
With skill and care, until the end.
Thou art the one, who dost relieve,
This dental pain, so I may live and breathe.