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Dental Emergencies

Knocked off a tooth? Never throw it or lose it. Most of the times a tooth can be put back into the socket after treatment and cleaning up. In the meantime, the tooth should be kept in save-a-tooth solution. If not available put the tooth in Cool Milk. Do not scrape or try to clean the tooth. Pain or sensitivity in a tooth? Chipped a tooth and have to go to work? Give us a call and we will go above and beyond our reach to get you into the office and resolve the issue.

Why Dental Implants at
Shine Family Dental Clinic

Dental emergencies can arise suddenly and may require prompt attention to alleviate pain, prevent further damage, and preserve oral health. Here are common dental emergencies and some initial steps to take:

1. Toothache
2. Knocked-Out Tooth
3. Immediate Action
4. Immediate Action
5. Lost Filling or Crown
6. Immediate Action
7. Dental Abscess
8. Immediate Action
9. Objects Caught Between Teeth
10. Immediate Action